About the Farm

Q1: What services are provided by the farm?

A1: Dining, fruit/vegetable picking, B&B, and camping.

Q2: Are pets and animals allowed inside the farm? 

A2: Of course, you can walk your pet except B&B area, but tie the rope to your pet and clean the excrement and rubbish immediately, please keep the environment clean and tidy, thank you

Q3: Is free Wi-Fi available at the farm?

A3: Free wifi currently only available in B&B area, restaurant.

Q4: Can I pay with credit card at the farm? 

A4: Yes, Include Visa, master, UnionPay card and other credit card service … etc.

Q5: Are there free parking lots at the farm? 

A5: Yes, there are 4 spacious parking lots at the farm for guests to park their cars. 

Q6: What crops are available for the picking activity? 

A6: Crops available for picking include ginger, strawberry, peach, plum, passion fruit, pumpkin, and seasonal vegetables. The harvest season for the fruits and vegetables is different every year depending on the weather. It is recommended that you confirm the season’s produce in advance by phone before coming here for the picking activity.

Q7: Are there any DIY activities available at the farm? 

A7: Yes, there are different DIY activities in each season. Group DIY activity is also available. 

Q8: Is there any barrier-free environment at the farm for the physically disabled? 

A8: No, as the farm is located on a hill, the buildings are constructed in accordance with the natural landscape. We apologize for any inconveniences.

Q9: Can I bring outside food or drink to the farm? 

A9: Yes, but not to the restaurant. In order to keep the natural environment clean, please take your trash with you when leaving the farm.


About the Restaurant

Q1: Are there vegetarian dishes available in the restaurant? 

A1: Yes, the vegetarian dishes are currently available in our restaurant, and based on flexitarian hot pot, we also provide lacto vegetarian and vegetarian.

Q2: Are children’s tableware and dining chairs available in the restaurant?

A2: Yes, children’s tableware and dining chairs are available in the restaurant.

Q3: Is there a minimum charge in the restaurant? 

A3: Yes, the minimum charge is NTD200 per person.

Q4: Do you have menus available in other languages? 

A4: Yes, currently there are English and Japanese menus.

Q5: When does the restaurant start and finish serving? 

A5: The open hours of the restaurant are from 11AM to 7PM.

About the B&B

Q1: What are the check-in and check-out times? 

A1: Check-in time: After 3PM; Check-out time: Before 11PM.

Q2: Does the B&B offer breakfast? 

A2: Yes, we offer breakfast. 

Q3: Are there toiletries in the bathroom of the B&B?

A3: As the farm’s management concept is environment-friendliness, there is no air-conditioner in the B&B and toiletries are not provided in the bathroom. Please consult our staff if you need toiletries. 

About Camping

Q1: Can I rent camping appliances there?

A1: No, but you can rent camping appliances from Matsukasa Outdoor Equipment – Taian Dahu Store, before coming here to camp. 

Tel: 037-993372

Address:No.7-2, Fayun Temple, Dahu Township, Miaoli County 364, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Q2: Is there any tent pitching lessons in the camping area? 

A2: Yes! If this is your first time camping, please book by phone in advance. We’ll arrange staff to help you pitch the tent. 

Q3: Are there toiletries in the bathroom? 

A3: Only basic bathroom equipment is available in the bathrooms of the camping area. Toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel, and towels are not provided. 

Q4: Is electricity available in the camping area? 

A4: Yes, electricity is available 24 hours in the camping area with a voltage of 110V. Please bring your own extension cords. To avoid power overload, high power consumption appliances such as induction cooker, electric heater, air conditioner, high-voltage refrigerator, electric welder, high-voltage searchlight, and industrial equipment are strictly forbidden. 

Q5: Can I start a fire in the camping area? 

A5: Yes, but please start a fire 30 cm above the ground.